Metoncholaimus scanicus   (Allgen,  1935) (Marine Worm)
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Class: Adenophorea

A-Male head; B-Male tail; C-Posterior end of female with details of demanian system

Size: Body length 9.4-10.9 mm; Max diameter 110-118 ┬Ám

Cuticle smooth. Six small labial papillae. Spicules slender, straight. Small gubernaculum present at tip of spicules. About 12 pairs of setae around cloaca. Two opposed testes. Single anterior ovary.

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• Tamil Nadu, Off Chennai (Lat: 13.08) (Long: 80.61) INDIA (Depth: 50 mts)
• Tamil Nadu, Off Cuddalore (Lat: 11.51) (Long: 79.87) INDIA (Depth: 30 mts)

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