Platypodia andamania   Maya Deb,  1992 (Crab)
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Class: Malacostraca

Size: Length 13 mm; width 18 mm; front 5 mm

Color: Brown; lateral sides of carapace ivory white in colour; fingers white coloured.

Carapace very thick, broad - subcircular in shape, very convex in both the directions. Regional lobules well separated by broad, deep, smooth grooves. Surface of these lobules is covered with short fur and fine sharp granules. posterior one fourth of the carapace undivided, smooth. A deep broad smooth groove extends on the post frontal and post orbital edge. frontal, orbital and antero- lateral sides of the carapace thin, crestate, smooth. Front convex, slightly produced, bilobed, each lobe oblique and separated from the supra orbital edge by a notch. Supra orbital edge sharp, entire, one gap present just below the outer corner. Orbits open, inner infra- orbital corner dentate. Antenna stands on the orbital hiatus. Folds of antennules obliquely transverse. antero- lateral crests of carapace divided by three fine sutures into four lobes including the outer orbital corner.

Postero- lateral sides strongly convergent, last pair of legs lodged on the postero- dorsal surface. Chelipads unequal in female. Upper edge of arm crestate and with one subterminal spine. Inner corner of wrist bidentate, outer surface sharp, minutely granular. Outer surfaces of both the palms sharply granular which extends upto one third of both the fingers. Upper edge of palm granular, not crestate. Fingers short, stout; dactylus strongly curved, tips blunt or pointed, cutting edges dentate, hairy. Leg joints compressed, upper edges of merii carpii and propodii of all the legs smooth, sharp crest like and stout.

Remarks: It is a unique species with very clean, deep and distinctly defined surface patterns of the carapace, having elevated spiny, hairy areoles. The specimens bear a close resemblance with the Actumnus aspa (Ruppell) as regards its surface texture but lack of ivory white crestate edges of frontal half of P. andamania

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• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Camorta Island INDIA (Record: 20/08/1924)
• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Henry Lawrence Island INDIA (Record: 04/02/1924)

Literature Source(s)
  • Deb, M (1992) Two new species of Xanthid crabs from Bay Islands Journal of the Andaman Science Association Andaman Science Association, Port Blair 8(2) 121-124 Available at - NIO,Goa

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