Squalus acanthias   Linnaeus,  1758 (Fish)
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Class: Elasmobranchii

Size: 160 cm TL (male), 120 cm TL (female); common length 100 cm TL

Max. weight: 9,100 g

Colour: Grey above, white below, usually with conspicuous white spots present on sides of body.

Very slender body;narrow head; moderately long snout; two dorsal fins with ungroved large spines; first dorsal spine origin behind pectoral rear tips, exposed bases of dorsal-fin spines relatively narrow, obliquecusped cutting teeth in both jaws; no subterminal notch on caudal fin, no anal fin, no upper precaudal pit and lateral keel on caudal peduncle.

Max. age reported: 75 years

Synonym (s)
Acanthias americanus Storer, 1846
Acanthias antiguorum (Leach, 1818)
Acanthias commun Navarrete, 1898
Acanthias lebruni Vaillant, 1888
Acanthias linnei Malm, 1877
Acanthias sucklii (Girard, 1855)
Acanthias vulgaris Risso, 1827
Spinax mediterraneus Gistel, 1848
Spinax suckleyi Girard, 1855
Squalus acanthias acanthias Linnaeus, 1758
Squalus acanthias africana Myagkov & Kondyurin, 1986
Squalus achantias Linnaeus, 1758
Squalus antiquorum Leach, 1818
Squalus barbouri Howell Rivero, 1936
Squalus canis Forster, 1777
Squalus fernandinus Molina, 1782
Squalus kirki Phillipps, 1931
Squalus suckleyi (Girard, 1855)
Squalus sucklii (Girard, 1855)
Squalus tasmaniensis Howell Rivero, 1936
Squalus wakiyae Tanaka, 1918
Squalus whitleyi Phillipps, 1931

Common Name (s)
• Picked Dog Fish (English)
• Picky Dog (English)
• Piked Dogfish (English)
• Spiny Dogfish (English)
• Spurdog (English)
• Spotted Spiny Dogfish
Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Commercial, Dangers
(Fisheries, gamefish; human consumption, preparation of sand paper, leather, fertilizer etc.; eaten fried, broiled and baked.
Venomous )

Habitat:  Bentho Pelagic
Prey:  Bony fishes, also molluscs, crustaceans and other invertebrates
IUCN Status:  Vulnerable


• Southwest Coast INDIA

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