Halimeda taenicola   W.R.Taylor,  1950 (Algae)
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Class: Bryopsidophyceae

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Size: The plants grow erect to a height of 7 cm.

The plants grow attached to stones by means of a holdfast which is irregularly cylindrical. In the upper half, the plant branches densely, sometimes about five branches arising from a single middle segment. Further branching is mostly dichotomous, trichotomy being occasional. While the lower segments are heavily calcified. the intensity of calcification decreases towards the upper segments. The lower 2 or 3 segments are cylindrical or subcuneate, while the other segments are trapezoidal. The uppermost 1 or 2 segments are comparatively much smaller and cylindrical or cuneate in appearance.

Anatomically there is a central medulla composed of vertically running medullary filaments from which arise lateral cortical filaments. Medullary filaments branch both dichotomously and trichotomously. Cortical filaments are made of 2 to 3 layers of utricles. The secondary utricle bears 2 to 4 peripheral utricles. After decalcification peripheral utricles remain adherent without any separation. They are angular in surface view. At the nodal region, three filaments fuse together for a long distance before branching. Thus they exhibit an extended type of fusion.

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• Lakshadweep, Andrott Island INDIA (Record: 01/1987-03/1987)

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