Ceratosoma trilobatum   (J. E. Gray,  1827) (Sea Slug)
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Class: Gastropoda

Image copyrights: Bill Rudman

Size: Max length 10.0 cm TL (male)

Color: The background color can vary from pale green to orange-red or brown. There are usually small yellow or orange spots and the edge of the mantle, and sometimes the foot, is bordered with a broken or continuous purple line.

It is characterized by having only one large lateral lobe on each side of the body, just anterior to the gills. There is usually a ridge joining each lateral lobe to the anterior head lobe.

Similar species: Ceratosoma tenue and Ceratosoma gracillimum

Synonym (s)
Ceratosoma cornigerum Eliot, 1913
(Junior synonym)
Ceratosoma cornigerum (Adams & Reeve, 1848)
Ceratosoma francoisi Rochebrune, 1894
Doris trifida J. E. Gray, 1850
Doris trilobata Gray, 1827
Polycera cornigera Adams & Reeve in Adams, 1848

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Demersal


• Arabian Sea
• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Ritchies Archipelago INDIA

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