Chlorella salina   Kufferath  (Algae)
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Class: Trebouxiophyceae

Size: Cells 5 micron in diameter.

Smooth thin cell-wall can be seen very clearly in these bright green spherical cells. Chloroplast green, granular, and saucer-shaped. Pyrenoid present and it is large and centrally placed. Starch sheath is present around the pyrenoid.

Propagation is by asexual method as in all other chlorella. Successive division of the mother cell contents into eight daughter-cells, and on maturity they come out by rupturing the mother-cell wall.

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• Lakshadweep Sea INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Vedaranyam (Lat: 10.27) (Long: 79.39) INDIA (Record: 10/2007-03/2010)
• Tamil Nadu, Vedaranyam (Lat: 10.82) (Long: 79.88) INDIA (Record: 10/2007-03/2010)

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