Diasterope bisetosa   Poulsen,  1965 (Ostracod)
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Class: Ostracoda

Size: Carapace length 1.25 mm, height 0.8 mm.

Carapace about 35 medial bristles present on rostrum; about 23 bristles present below incisur along anterior rounding and until point where medial list approaches shell margin; 18-20 bristles along ventral margin which continues with 4 or 5 short bristles off middle of posterior ridge which has 24 - 26 flap like bristles.
Mandible: coxale without bristle at basis of endite; its ventral branch has 3 oblique rows of spines proximally and distal part terminates in 3 small pointed teeth; larger dorsal branch has rounded marginal teeth proximally and dorsodistal margin has a short bristle not surpassing terminal spine.
Basale endite has 4 terminal bristles; among the 4 triaenid bristles, in between 2nd and 3rd triaenid bristles are one long bare dwarf-bristle and one thumb-formed peg; ventral margin of basale has 4th triaenid bristle; all triaenid bristles have only 3 or 4 pairs of spines; dorsal margin of basale has one bare mid-bristle and 2 long comer bristles with marginal hairs. Exopodite 3/4 as long as dorsal margin of first endopodite joint; 1st endopodite ventrally has 3 bristles: dorsal margin of 2nd endopodite joint has 2 long, bare proximal bristles.
Maxilla: epipodite triangular and half as long as basale, distal part fringed with short hairs; dorsal margin of basale has one proximal and one distal
bristle which are short and bare; 2 groups of 4+3 endite bristles; ventral margin of basale has one short, bare mid-bristle and one long distal bristle with marginal hairs; first endopodite joint almost completely united with basale and has 2 bare, bristles; end-joint has one long bare bristle; "baleen-comb" of usual type.

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• Tamil Nadu, Off Tuticorin (Lat: 8.76) (Long: 78.35) INDIA (Record: 08/03/1969) (Depth: 18 mts)

Literature Source(s)
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