Cymbasoma tropica   (Wolfenden,  1906) (Copepod)
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Class: Maxillopoda

Size: Female :TL. 1.80-2.18 mm; Male: TL. 1.22-1.44 mm.

Female body narrow, anterior border of cephalosome rounded and a pair of minute hairs present in between antennules; cephalosome inflated just behind frontal margin, about one and a half times combined lengths of metasome and urosome ; urosome two-segmented, genital segment longer than broad, pear-shaped; broader at base; a pair of ovigerous spines present on ventral side which is about three and a half times length of urosome ; second urosome segment broader distally; caudal rami longer than broad, each with three sub-equal setae ; mouth placed near anterior region of cephalosome ; a pair of well developed and deeply pigmented eyes present.
Male smaller in size than female; cephalosome comparatively short; anterior margin rounded and bears a pair of minute hairs as in female posterio-lateral comers slightly bulged ; cephalosome occupies nearly 46% of body length urosome three-segmented, short, about one sixth total length ; genital segment oval in shape, broader than long; on its ventral side it is provided with a median genital appendage which bifurcates into two more or less cylindrical processes second urosome segment broader than long;
third urosome segment broader distally ; caudal rami longer, each ramus bears four sub-equal setae, of which inner most seta arises from a low rounded swelling on distal margin.

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Habitat:  Coastal


• Maharashtra, Off Mumbai INDIA (Record: 12/01/1971, 26/03/1971)

Literature Source(s)
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