Alpheus malabaricus songkla   Banner and Banner,  1966 (Shrimp)
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Class: Malacostraca

Size: male carapace length 15.5-16.6mm; female carapace length 14.2-20.0mm

Colour: body colour cream With dark brown cross bands along the posterior margins of abdominal segments and carapace. Tips of uropods and anterior border of carapace between orbital hood and lateral angle dark brown. Antennal flagella bluish violet while antennular flagella With brownish tinge. Chelipeds grey with violet inner depression of large chela. Repiaining portion of the chela and legs being pinkish. Exopods and endopods of chelipeds bright red with paler bases. Undersurface of abodomen and chela white.

Large chela 2.4 times as long as broad, finger 0.3 length of entire chela. The
proximal margin of the shallow transverse groove of the upper margin perpendicular to the long axis of the chela, the distal margins being inclined and rounded. Merus twice as long as broad.Small chela with crossing fingers. Upper distal margin of palm slightly projecting. Outer margin of
fingers with dense setae. Ischium of 3rd leg with movable spinule; carpus as long as merus. Long setae present near upper margin of propodus in addition to three spinules, near the proximal end, placed distally.

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Habitat:  Reef Associated, Muddy


• Kerala, Korapuzha Estuary INDIA (Depth: 3-10 mts)
• Kerala, Malabar Coast INDIA (Depth: 3-10 mts)
• Tamil Nadu, Mandapam INDIA (Depth: 3-10 mts)
• Tamil Nadu, Palk Bay INDIA (Depth: 3-10 mts)

Literature Source(s)
  • Thomas, MM. (1976) New records of four Alpheid shrimps from the Indian waters Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India The Marine Biological Association of India 18(3) 667-669 Available at -

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