Solenocera waltairensis   George, M.J. & Muthu,  1970 (Prawn)
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Class: Malacostraca

The carapace and abdomen glabrous, the area of the rostrum dorsal to the lateral ridge and a small area anterior to the lower half of the hepatic carina only covered with small setae. The upper margin of the rostrum more or less straight, bearing, in addition to the epigastric, 7-9 teeth. Ventral profile slightly convex, devoid of teeth but beset with long setae on the lower margin. A ridge, one on either side, runs in the middle of the lateral side of the rostrum extending upto the tip. The rostrum reaches only anterior 1/3 of the cornea. Postrostral carina does not extend beyond the indentation caused by the cervical groove in smaller specimens, but a blunt carina is visible in larger ones. Hepatic, antennal and postorbital spines present; epigastric and postorbital spines subequal in size ; branchiostegal or pterygostomian spines absent, supraorbital angle blunt. Cervical and hepatic grooves sharply defined. The well marked cervical carina stops short of the mid-dorsal line of carapace, but the cervical groove extends right upto the mid-dorsal line and indents the dorsal profile at anterior 4/6 of carapace. The sharply defined hepatic carina runs obliquely downwards and ends abruptly a little above the bluntly rounded anterolateral angle of the carapace ; tlK anterior half of the hepatic carina is raised from the surface of the carapace and is slightly undercut by the hepatic groove ; there is a shallow depression in front of it just above the lower margin of the carapace. Horizontal portion of the hepatic groove and the branchiocardiac sulcus well defined. There is a shallow but clear depression above the postorbital spine; the shallow vertical groove from hepatic fossa, although present, doesnot extend up to the base of the postorbital spine. Appendix masculina with basal piece possessing short, blunt and finger-like projection which lacks long wavy hair near the base. The triangular, folded outer scale of distal piece longer than the flat, rectangular inner scale.

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Habitat:  Demersal


• Andhra Pradesh, Off Waltair (Lat: 17.71) (Long: 83.38) INDIA (Record: 09/09/1966) (Depth: 20 mts)
• Andhra Pradesh, Kakinada (Lat: 16.95) (Long: 82.41) INDIA (Record: 12/06/1968) (Depth: 30-40 mts)
• East Coast INDIA

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