Ophionereis andamanensis   James,  1982 (Brittle Star)
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Class: Ophiuroidea

Size: Diameter of the disc 4-8mm; length of the arms 47-58mm

Colour: colour of the disc is yellowish brown. The disc has a characteristic
pattern of discontinuous violet lines. The ventral side is pale yellow.The dorsal side of each arm has three distinct colours, a very narrow shaped violet transverse band followed by a very narrow white and wider yellowish brown band.

The disc is round and the dorsal side is covered with very fine scales which become distinct only on drying. There are 12 to 16 rows of scales interradially. The genital slits have no bordering papillae. The interbrachial areas on the ventral side are indistinct. There are four oral papillae on each side of the jaw. The oral shields are widest towards the proximal end. The adoral shields are small and meet inwardly. The disc scaling extends on to the base of the first four dorsal arm plates. The dorsal arm plates are fan-shaped.
Supplementary dorsal arm plates well developed with accessory scales at the distal margins. The first ventral arm plate is about half the size of the following one. Both are longer The second and third plates are octogonal in shape and the remaining plates are pentagonal. The proximal edge is round and the distal edge is almost straight. The distal edges show distinct concavities after the first few plates. The lateral edges of the plates are concave. Each tentacle pore has a single tentacle scale which is large and oval, completely covering the corresponding pore.

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Habitat:  Coastal


• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Port Blair INDIA

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