Pomadasys jubelini   (Cuvier,  1830) (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Image copyrights: FAO

Size: 256 mm total length; Head 3.1; depth of body 2.9 in total length;snout 3.31; eye 4.8; maxillary 3.6; interorbital 3.4; ventral 1.6; pectoral 1.1; caudal 1.67 in head length. Length of fourth dorsal spine 1.95; length of first soft dorsal ray 2.56; length of second anal spine 2.2; least depth of caudal peduncle 3.28 in head length.

Weight:418 g.

Colour: Body silvery grey with dark brown dots forming four interrupted transverse bands, darker in upper side and lighter in the middle. A small black spot at the edge of the hind opercle. Three rows of brown spots on the dorsal fin. Spinous membrane transparent, whitish with minute grey dots and black edges. Base of the ventrals, pectorals and anal yellowish. Tips of the caudal dark in colour, preceded by a light yellow transverse band.

Body oblong, well compressed, edges convex. Mouth terminal, small. Maxillary reaching upto the anterior margin of the orbit. Villiform teeth in jaws, none on vomer. A median groove behind symphysis of mandible and with two small pores on the chin. Nostrils close to each other, anterior one larger. Snout conic. Eyes large; interorbital slightly convex. Edges of operculum serrated, serrations more prominent around the angle of the hind preopercle. Gillrakers 12 on the lower limb of the outer arch.
First dorsal spine shortest, about half the length of the second, which is 4.1 in head length. Third dorsal spine longest, equal to half the height of the body. The rest of the spines decreasing in length upto tenth, which is 4.55 in head length. Eleventh spine longer than the tenth, 3.9 in head length. First soft dorsal ray longer than the eleventh spine. First anal spine short. The second anal spine longest, but shorter than the third dorsal spine. The third anal spine smaller than the second.
First anal ray longer than the third anal spine. Pectoral pointed, reaching beyond the origin of anal. Ventral reaching just in front of vent. Ventral spine 2.34 in head length. Caudal truncate. Lateral line follows the same course as the dorsal profile.

Synonym (s)
Pomadasis jubelini (Cuvier, 1830)
Pristipoma jubelini Cuvier, 1830

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Coastal


• Maharashtra, Mumbai Coast INDIA (Record: 02/03/1966)

Literature Source(s)
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