Microprotopus maculatus   Norman,  1867 (Amphipod)
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Class: Malacostraca

Image copyrights: Lincoln, 1979

Size: Up to 3 mm.

Color: Blackish, densely mottled

Body short and robust. Coxal plates densely setose. Epimeral plate 3 posterodistal margin broadly rounded. Head with obliquely truncated lateral lobes, eyes small and rounded. Antennae about one-third of the body length; antenna 1 peduncle articles 1 and 2 about equal in length, article 3 much shorter, flagellum equal to the length of the peduncle, about 8-articulate. Antenna 2 peduncle articles 4 and 5 about equal in length, flagellum about 7-articulate. Gnathopod 1 subchelate, setose, propodus equal in length as the carpus, much broader, palm oblique, spinulose, irregularly sinuous, delimited by a slender spine, dactylus elongate with a small tooth on the inner margin. Female gnathopod 2 carpus short and broad, posterior lobe with long plumose setae, propodus subrectangular, palm oblique, sinuous, spinulose, delimited by a small spine, inner surface of merus, carpus and propodus with plumose setae. Male gnathopod 2 basis with a prominent anterodistal lobe, carpus very short, posterior lobe extremely slender, propodus very large, elongate oval, palm extending along entire posterior margin delimited by a proximal tooth, palmar margin with one slender and one broad distal tooth, dactylus extremely long and robust; in large male propodus and dactylus massive, proximal palmar tooth small. Pereiopods 3 and 4 basis broad; pereiopods 5 to 7 slender, basis expanded. Uropod 3 ramus slightly longer than the peduncle. Telson short, truncated, distal margin weakly concave.
Its a omnivore, predator, scavenger.

Synonym (s)
Microprotopus terschellingi (Hoek, 1879)

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Estuarine, Sandy, Coastal


• Bay of Bengal INDIA

Literature Source(s)
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