Canavalia cathartica   Thouars  (Mangrove Plant)
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Class: Equisetopsida

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Perenial creepers; stems more or less twining; glabrous, often rooting at the nodes. Leaflets ovate, or oval-elliptical, adpressed pubescent when young, obtuse or acute at base. Flowers 3.5-4 cm long, purple, in axillary racemes on 6-15 cm long peduncles; calyx-tube 16-18 mm long, upper lip not apiculate. Pods obovoid, inflated ribbed and extra-ribbed along the suture, beaked at apex. Seeds dark-brown with hilum 8-12 mm long.

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Habitat:  Estuarine, Coastal


• Karnataka, Nethravathi Mangrove (Lat: 12.83) (Long: 74.51) INDIA

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