Therochaeta antoni   Kirkegaard,  1996 (Marine Worm)
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Class: Polychaeta

Body is covered with small, cone-shaped papillae and thin layer of sand grains. Anterior two setigers with long capillaries, forming a cage, and this part is separated from the rest of the body by a distinct constriction forming a long neck. Dorsal capillaries of setiger 1 are the longest, the ventral ones a little shorter. The dorsal and ventral setae of each side arise very close to each other. Dorsally on segment 1 is placed a small, triangular shield. From the mouth between the anterior capillaries projects a long tube with short, thin branchiae. Palps are not visible. The anterior margin of setiger 3 is provided with long, thin papillae and long, triangular teeth. Setiger 4 has a circular row of teeth at the anterior rim, on setigers 5 and 6 the teeth are shorter. From setiger 6 the dorsal setae are capillaries, but the 2 ventral ones are short, sigmoid, unidentate hooks.

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• Bay of Bengal INDIA

Literature Source(s)
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