Paractaea neospeciosa [Status Unaccepted]   Deb,  1989 (Crab)
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Class: Malacostraca

Image copyrights: Government of India

Size: Width 12 mm; length 8 mm; front 2.5 mm.

Carapace broadly oval in shape, strongly convex antero-posteriorly and moderately so from side to side. The entire carapace is divided very cleanly into regional and subregional convex lobules. The deep distinct grooves that separate the lobules are covered with short brown fur. Surface of these lobules are covered with uniform, pearly granules, which are very distinct and evenly disposed. Radial arrangements of the lobules on the mid-cardiac region is very much like Paractaea speciosa. The lobulations on the posterior third of the carapace is very distinctly defined. Lobule 2M distinctly divided into two subequal lobules, inner lobule is narrower and continuous with the 1F and 2F forward. Lobule 3M not at all divided, 4M narrow, distinct, 1P is distinctly heart-shaped. All the other lobules on the carapace and appendages are very distinctly defined. Antero-lateral sides four lobed, which are low, rounded and granular.
Front vertically deflexed downwards, little emarginate in the middle, free edge of both the lobes oblique, outer corner of each lobe distinct. In female chelipeds are equal, stout, the lobules on outer surfaces of wrists and on upper edge of hands are distinctly outlined and one granular longitudinal line present on the middle of outer surface of palms. Lower half of palms are granular; base of dactylus is also granular. Dactylus is very short, strongly curved like the beak of bird, one tubercular tooth present on the cutting edges of both the fingers near the base. Fixed finger is also very short, its base adorned with clusters of long bristles. Tips of the fingers are pointed. Leg joints short, stout, upper surface granular, lobules present only on upper edges of carpus and propodus.

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• Tamil Nadu, Palk Strait INDIA (Record: 1989)
• Tamil Nadu INDIA

Literature Source(s)
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