Calvactaea tumida   Ward,  1933 (Crab)
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Class: Malacostraca

Image copyrights: Government of India

Size: Width 22 mm; length 19 mm

A species of medium sized crab with slightly broader or nearly circular carapace which is very convex like half of a small pingpong ball. Regions and subregions are well outlined, but the surface lobulations, grooves and minute crisp granules on the surface of carapace are visible under lens only. A thin coat of short, fine, surface pubescens covered the carapace evenly. Regional lobules only on frontal and antero-lateral sides and a H-like groove, marked on the gastric region only. Antero-lateral borders crest-like, sharp, beaded with crisp granules only, no indication of lobes present. The two frontal lobes oblique, well produced near the median notch and markedly separated from the inner supra-orbital angle. Orbit small, oval, marginal crest granular. Postero-lateral sides of carapace convergent and deeply concave.

Antenal flagella lodged in the chamber obliquely. Palm of chelipeds rather short, its upper outer surface finely granular, lower surface smooth and polished. Fingers blade-like, compressed as in Banareia. Inner angle of wrist blunt, outer surface minutely granular. Leg joints slender and fringed with hairs. Anterior male pleopod is a tubular process, ciliary groove opens apically in wide, almost round aperture, outer sides of the subapical region spinulate all over.

Synonym (s)
Atergatopsis globosa Balss, 1935

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• SRI LANKA (Record: 01/1911-02/1911)

Literature Source(s)
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