Biddulphia alternans   (J.W. Bailey) Van Heurck,  1885 ()
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Class: Bacillariophyceae

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Single cell of the diatom Biddulphia alternans mounted in Naphrax

Size: Diameter 36-45 ┬Ám.

Color: Yellow brown.

Cells are triangular or rectangular in valve view. A tripartite curved line can be seen in the centre of the valve face. Three straight thickened lines (costae) separate the three valve corners from the central region. Within these triangular areas an area of smaller areolae, forming a psudocellus are present. Three labiate processes are located on the valve face. The internal part of the labiate process is a well developed stalked structure. Cells occur solitary or in irregular chains with adjacent cells being connected by mucous secretions via the pseudocelli.

Reproduction is general for group: both sexual and asexual.

Synonym (s)
Triceratium alternans J.W. Bailey, 1851
Triceratium variabile Brightw., 1856

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Pelagic, Coastal
Trophic Level:  Producer
Predator:  Marine microorganisms and animal larvae


• Tamil Nadu, Off Tuticorin (Lat: 8.71) (Long: 78.2) INDIA (Record: 1987-1989)
• South West Coast INDIA

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