Aspergillus niger   Tiegh,  1867 (Marine Fungus)
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Class: Eurotiomycetes

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Colony characteristics: Colonies (CzA) black, consisting of a dense felt of conidiophores.

Microscopy. Conidiophore stipes smooth walled, hyaline or pigmented. Vesicles subspherical, 50-100 micrometer in diameter. Conidial heads radiate. Conidiogenous cells biseriate. Metulae twice as long as the phialides. Conidia brown, ornamented with warts and ridges, subspherical, 3.5-5.0 micrometer in diameter. A - 1000x Stained with lacto-phenol cotton blue.

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Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Dangers
(Causes Pulmonary Aspergillome, Peritonitis and infections in human body.)

Habitat:  Estuarine, Sandy, Muddy, Coastal


• West Bengal, Kagh Island INDIA (Record: 12/1960-01/1961)
• (Lat: 16.08) (Long: 81.5) INDIA (Record: 09/1987) (Depth: -40 mts)
• (Lat: 16.51) (Long: 82.41) INDIA (Record: 09/1987) (Depth: -34 mts)
• (Lat: 17.25) (Long: 82.08) INDIA (Record: 09/1987) (Depth: -46 mts)
• (Lat: 18.01) (Long: 83.9) INDIA (Record: 09/1987) (Depth: -40 mts)
• Kerala, Mangalvan (Lat: 10) (Long: 76.3) INDIA (Depth: 1 mts)
• Kerala, Mangalvan (Lat: 9.98) (Long: 76.26) INDIA (Depth: 1 mts)
• Tamil Nadu, Vellar Estuary (Lat: 11.48) (Long: 79.76) INDIA
• Karnataka, Nethravathi Mangrove (Lat: 12.83) (Long: 74.51) INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Pichavaram Mangrove Forest (Lat: 11.45) (Long: 79.78) INDIA
• Orissa, Ganjam Coast INDIA
• Karnataka, Nethravathi Estuary (Lat: 12.83) (Long: 74.83) INDIA (Record: 09/2004-11/2004)
• Tamil Nadu, Mandapam (Lat: 9.26) (Long: 79.11) INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Muthukuda INDIA

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