Nephthys inermis   Ehlers,  1887 (Marine Worm)
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Class: Polychaeta

Size: 60-80 mm.; 160 segments.

Prostomium square, with two anterior, very short, button-like tentacles and two posterior very minute tentacles at the hind part, in front of two very small eyes. Proboscis utterly devoid of papillae, with a pair of triangular chitinous jaws inserted very far back in the pharynx. Dorsal and ventral rami widely apart and short, with conical setigerous lobes, a digitiform dorsal cirrus, a gill, coiled inwards, a short dorsal lamella, and a rather long ventral cirrus. Anterior setae ciliated, but not camerated. Posterior setae of two kinds: (1) long, slender, faintly denticulate, and (2) short, bifurcate, lyriform.

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• Maharashtra, Mahim Creek (Lat: 19.03) (Long: 72.82) INDIA (Record: 11/1979-12/1980)

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