Creseis virgula constricta [ Status Unaccepted]   Chen & Be,  1964 (Tusk Shell)
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Class: Gastropoda

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Size: The holotype is 3.5 mm long, 0.38 mm wide. The protoconch is 0.54 mm long and 0.12 mm wide.

The shell is smooth except for some growth lines. The cross section of the shell is circular. It is conical and straight or slightly curved. A well defined constriction separates the protoconch from the adult portion of the shell; the protoconch has a distinct bulge. there is a gentle size increase towards the anterior part of the adult shell. The posterior end is round and brown.
In juveniles the Creseis virgula constricta protoconch is narrow but blunt at its tip. First it grows narrow then bulges outwards so that the anterior part of protoconch I is wide. Before the protoconch II and teleoconch are formed, a narrow constriction occurs.

It is a protandric hermaphrodite.

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• Andaman Sea INDIA (Record: 05/2000)

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