Rhinobatos typus   Anonymous [Bennett]  1830 (Fish)
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Class: Elasmobranchii

Image copyrights: Johnny Jensen

Color: Body grayish red above, dirty white below.

Snout moderately and bluntly pointed, its margin scarcely concave; rostral ridges close together for greater part of their length, separated slightly posteriorly. Eye about 6.5 times in snout length, 2.0 times in interorbital width. Width of mouth 2.8 in preoral length, much longer than internarial distance. Nostrils wide, oblique, slightly less than width of mouth; nostril length 2.3 to 2.4 times internarial distance; anterior nasal fold extending beyond level of inner margin of nostril. Spiracle equal to eye diameter, close behind it; spiracular folds feebly developed. Two subequal dorsal fins. Tubercles somewhat enlarged on back, scapular region and op of head; a series of strong, compressed spines in median line of back.

Synonym (s)
Rhinobatus typus Bennett 1830
Rhinobatus granulatus Day (nec Cuvier) 1878
Rhinobatos typus Misra 1969

Common Name (s)
• Bennett's Shovelnose Guitarfish (English)
Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Commercial



• INDIA (Record: 1984)

Literature Source(s)
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