Pisidia dehaani   (Krauss)  (Crab)
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Class: Malacostraca

Size: 2-4.2 mm (ovigerous female).

Color: The ground color is pale reddish-brown.

Carapace slightly convex, a little broader than long, glabrous with tufts of hairs near the epigastric region; minute squamiform granules arranged as horizontal striae especially prominent on the postero-lateral regions of the carapace, gastric and hepatic regions of the carapace, gastric and hepatic regions distinctly elevated; distal part with two teeth and these are followed anteriorly by 2 smaller ones at the distalmost end of the lateral margin, the lateral notch takes a smooth curve bearing at its beginning 2 or 3 spinules which are then followed by 3 or 4 tubercles. 4 minute teeth on the antennal angle; front distinctly trilobed with margins minutely serrated, the middle lobe being the largest and extending a little beyond the lateral ones; epimera provided with 3-4 distinct longitudinal striations and about 5 small teeth in the anterior margin just adjoining the first segment of the antenna.
Antennule: First segment longer than broad, its lateral margins more or less straight, inner margin distally serrated, upper plate strongly concave with a few tubercles, its margin armed with 5-6 distinct teeth, the teeth on the dorsal side of upper plate larger than the rest.
Antenna: First segment very broad, upper surface slightly concave, its anterior margin minutely serrated with a prominent tooth at the extremity. Second segment short with a stumpy blunt tooth at the distal end of the anterior margin; third segment comparatively longer and provided with about 4 teeth; 4th segment short and smooth.
Chelipeds: Rounded with minute squamiform granules as on carapace, subequal or almost unequal. Angle at extremity of meral lobe prominent, minutely dentate with about 8 denticles.
Walking leg: Rather stout, sparsely hairy; anterior margin of merus and carpus not smooth but irregularly serrated or undulated; carpus less than one half the length of propodus; propodus with 2 spinules distally and dactylus with 3 spinules on the posterior margin.
Telson: 7 jointed, middle piece broader.

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Habitat:  Coastal


• Maharashtra, Ratnagiri INDIA

Literature Source(s)
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