Lernaeenicus bataviensis   Sebastian,  1967 (Copepod)
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Class: Maxillopoda

Color: Yellowish with the genital segment orange brown.

The head is situated at right angles to the free thorax; however, the anterior part of the neck has two nearly right angled bends that the cephalothorax is turned backwards towards the abdomen. The head, after a dorsal depression, is drawn out into a single posteriorly directed horn; the two together measure 1.5 mm. in length. Antero-dorsally on the head are the first and second antennae, the first turned backwards and the second somewhat forward. The second antenna is three-jointed, the middle joint carrying a knob on the inner side against which the terminal claw closes. Behind the antennae is the extended proboscis containing the mandibles and the maxillae. Arising from behind the base of the proboscis is a pair of maxillipeds, elongate and three-jointed, the third joint forming a claw.
The free thorax, arising at right angles to the head, is indicated by incomplete segmentation and 4 pairs of thoracic appendages with their sternal plates. The first and second pairs of thoracic legs are biramous and the third and fourth are uniramous, all the rami are two-jointed. The neck is much elongated and together with the free thorax measures 11.4 mm. The anterior half of the neck is enlarged, about 0.38 mm. wide and thereafter tapers to a minimum width of 0.18 mm.

The beginning of the genital segment is marked by a bend and a deep notch. It soon enlarges to a maximum width of 0.78 mm. and is more than 4 times its width at the beginning. The genital segment measures 4.9 mm. in length. The abdomen is narrow, slightly longer than the genital segment (5.3 mm) and studded with a pair of prominences at its hind end. A pair of empty egg-sac remained attached to the posterior end of the genital segment on marked prominences on either side ventrally.

Host: Anchoviella bataviensis (fish)

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• Palk Bay INDIA

Literature Source(s)
  • Sebastian, MJ (1966) On a new species of Lernaeenicus, L. bataviensis (Copepoda-Lernaeidae) with a key for the identification of the Indian species Proceedings of Symposium on Crustacea Marine Biological Association of India, Mandapam Camp Part I 114-118 Available at - NIO, Goa
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