Fungia seychellensis   Hoeksema  1993 (Hard Coral)
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Class: Anthozoa

Image copyrights: Australian Institute of Marine Science

Max. size: 15 cm in diameter.

Colour: Pale brown.

Polyps are circular to elongate and up to 150 millimetres long. Mouths may occur outside the axial furrow. Septa are fine, densely packed and usually sinuous. Tentacular lobes are inconspicuous or absent.

Similar species: Fungia scutaria, which has distinct tentacular lobes and coarser septa.

Synonym (s)
Fungia (Pleuractis) seychellensis Hoeksema, 1993
Fungia seychellensis Veron, 2000
Fungia seychellensis Hoeksema, 1993
(Senior synonym)

Common Name (s)
• Mushroom Coral (English)
Economic Importance and Threats
Threats:  Natural threats, Anthropogenic
(Protected under Indian Wild Life Protection Act, 1972)

Habitat:  Reef Associated
IUCN Status:  Vulnerable


• Lakshadweep, Bitra Island INDIA (Record: 2009)

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