Plectorhynchus pictus   (Thunberg)  1792 (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Size: 61 cm.

Color: In young body lighter or darker brown above, belly and three longitudinal bands margaritaceous, the upper band along base of dorsal, uniting at nape into a single median one with that of other side, continued to end of snout. The second from middle of snout, above eye, to end of upper caudal lobe. The third from snout, below eye to lower caudal lobe, separated from the margaritaceous belly by a small brown stripe only, which is more or less dissolved into spots. Fins dark, dorsal with a white submarginal longitudinal band. In older specimens the bands are more numerous and the brown inter spaces are dissolved into rows of spots on the body, dorsal and caudal. Anal brown, pectorals hyaline or yellowish. In still older specimens the spots too disappear or are indistinct. The upper margin of the dorsal, the hind margin and sometimes also the lower margin of the anal remain dark, as also sometimes the ventrals.

Height 2.5-2.7, 3.1-3.4 in length with caudal. Head 3-3.5, 3.8-4.2 in length with caudal. Eye 3.2-4, 1.2-1.7 in snout and equal to or somewhat more than convex inter orbital space. Mouth somewhat oblique. Maxillary reaching to below front border of eye or not quite so far. Teeth in jaws in four or five rows. with an outer series of enlarged ones. Preoperculum rectangular, rounded at angle, denticulate behind. Origin of dorsal before vertical through hind border of operculum. Dorsal scarcely notched. First dorsal spine less than half length of second, which is longest and equal to post orbital part f head, or to head without snout in young specimens. Following spines gently decreasing in length, last spine about seven eighths of second spine. First soft dorsal ray about equal to last spine, following spines gently increasing in length to about the fifteenth, which is as long as second spine. Following spines rapidly decreasing in length, the fin rounded behind. First anal spine minute, second and third sub equal, about as long as post orbital part of head. Soft anal truncate behind, as deep as soft dorsal. Pectorals and ventrals sub equal, somewhat more than head without snout. Caudal rounded in young, truncate or slightly emarginate in adult specimens. End of anal below tenth soft ray of dorsal. Least height of caudal peduncle almost 1.5 in its length.

Remarks: Values in above description denote proportions.

Synonym (s)
Diagramma poecilopterum Schlegel
Perca picta Thunberg 1792
Grammistes pictus Bloch and Schneider 1801
Holocentrus radjabou Lacepede 1802
Lutjanus pictus Lacepede 1803
Diagramma lineatum Ruppell 1828
Diagramma punctatum Ruppell
Diagramma cinerascens Ruppell
Diagramma punctatum Cuvier and Valenciennes 1830
Diagramma ocellatum Cuvier and Valenciennes
Diagramma cinerascens Cuvier and Valenciennes
Diagramma centurio Cuvier and Valenciennes
Diagramma poecilopterum Cuvier and Valenciennes
Diagramma balteatum Cuvier and Valenciennes
Diagramma punctatum Quoy and Gaimard 1834
Diagramma punctatum Ruppell 1837
Diagramma lineatum Ruppell
Diagramma punctulatum Bleeker 1845
Diagramma punctatum Schlegel 1850
Diagramma pictum Schlegel
Plectorhynchus blochii Cantor 1850
Plectorhynchus bateatus Cantor
Diagramma punctatum Bleeker 1850
Diagramma punctatum Gunther 1859
Diagramma pictum Gunther
Plectorhynchus punctatus Bleeker 1865
Diagramma punctatum Kner 1865
Diagramma punctatum Playfair 1866
Diagramma centurio Playfair
Diagramma ocellatum Jouan 1867
Diagramma punctatum Klunzinger 1870
Diagramma lineatum Klunzinger
Diagramma cinerascens Klunzinger
Plectorhynchus poecilopterus Bleeker 1873
Plectorhynchus pictus Bleeker
Diagramma pictum Day 1888
Diagramma punctatum Day
Plectorhynchus pictus Bleeker 1877
Diagramma punctatum Klunzinger 1880
Diagramma centurio Macleay 1882
Diagramma labiosum Macleay 1883
Diagramma pictum Klunzinger 1884
Diagramma punctatum Macleay 1884
Diagramma centurio Sauvage 1891
Plectorhynchus pictus Steindachner 1896
Plectorhynchus radjaban Jordan and Evermann 1902
Plectorhynchus poecilopterus Jordan and Evermann
Plectorhinchus (Spilotichthys) radjabau Fowler 1904
Spilotichthys pictus Jordan and Seale 1907
Spilotichthys labiosus Ogilby 1908
Plectorhynchus pictus Jordan and Thompson 1912
Plectorhynchus diagramma Snyder 1912
Plectorhynchus (Diagramma) pictus Mc Culloch 1919
Plectorhinchus punctatus Fowler and Bean 1922
Plectorhinchus pictus Fowler and Bean
Plectorhynchus pictus Barnard 1927
Plectorhinchus pictus Fowler 1928

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• INDIA (Record: 1936)
• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Andamans INDIA (Record: 1936)

Literature Source(s)
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