Muricanthus virgineus   (Roeding,  1798) (Sea Snail)
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Class: Gastropoda

Size: Length 35.96 mm; diameter 25-80.65 mm; length of aperture 11.85-36.46 mm; length of spire 13.90-46.90 mm; length of the canal 14.22-48.88 mm.

Color: Light cream with either a pinkish or chocolate brown band on middle of body, interior of aperture marble white with reddish pink margins, sometimes with light pink band indicating its position on outer part.

Shell moderate to large, fusiform; spire elevated, acute, consisting of 6-7 subangulated whorls. Suture obscured by succeeding whorls. Body whorl large, globose; aperture large, ovate. Anal sulcus shallow inverted ā€˜Uā€™ shaped, delimited by parietal ridge on left. Outer lip thick, erect, coarsely dentate, prominent tooth towards lower part of the body, interior weakly lirate. Inner lip adherent completely, except for anterior most part twisted slightly, smooth except for parietal ridge. Siphonal canal of moderate length, broad, narrowly open, distally curved upwards towards right. Body whorl with 4 rounded varices. Axial sculpture with a single prominent knob like ridge, scarcely extends anteriorly. Spiral sculpture of 6-7 major cords alternating with minor cords and fine threads of scabrous nature. Intersection of major cords with varices develops few short, open spines, curved backwards, a prominent one on shoulder margin, 2 on lower part of body whorl and 2 on the canal. A deep groove on lower part of body indicating the position of labial tooth. Spine on lower part of body may develop into a wing like structure.

Synonym (s)
Purpura virginea Roeding, 1798
Murex anguliferus Lamarck, 1822
Murex (Phyllonotus) anguliferus Melvill & Standen, 1898
Murex anguliferus Hornell, 1922
Murex virgineus var. ponderosa Gravely, 1942
Murex virgineus var. ponderosa Satyamurti, 1952
Siratus virgineus Radwin and D'Attilio, 1976

Common Name (s)
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• Tamil Nadu, Gulf of Mannar (Lat: 8.5) (Long: 79) INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Kundugal Point INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Parangipettai INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Tuticorin beach INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Hare Island INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Tuticorin INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Mallipattinam INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Cuddalore INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Chennai INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Rameswaram INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Pamban INDIA
• Bay of Bengal INDIA

Literature Source(s)
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