Rhineodon typus   Smith  1828 (Fish)
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Class: Elasmobranchii

Image copyrights: The Nature Conservation and Aquatic Sciences Service

Size: 1350-1650 cm

Color: Brownish with numerous whitish spots and vertical stripes on sides. Fins with whitish spots.

Body massive, snout broad, short and depressed. Head 4.5, depth of body about 5, both to subcaudal origin. Mouth at the end of snout, very wide, transverse. Teeth small, conical. Eyes small, without nictitating membrane. Nasal cirri absent. First dorsal origin nearer to eye than to caudal base and in front of a level from ventral origin. A median ridge along the back and two on either side. Caudal base with a notch above and lateral keels on caudal peduncle.

Remarks: Values in above description denote proportions.

Synonym (s)
Rhineodon typus Smith 1829
Rhincodon typus Smith 1949

Common Name (s)
• Fevurehi
• Vybedu
Economic Importance and Threats



• Lakshadweep, Agatti INDIA (Record: 1980)
• Lakshadweep, Minicoy INDIA (Record: 1980)
• SEYCHELLES (Record: 1980)
• SRI LANKA (Record: 1980)

Literature Source(s)
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