Lutjanus ehrenbergi   (Peters,  1869) (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Size: 228 mm.

Color: In preserved specimens brownish above, light below, each scale below lateral line with a silvery spot, forming longitudinal silvery stripes. A large oval dark brown blotch, for the greater part above lateral line, below end of spinous dorsal. Fins light yellowish or brownish.

Height 2.7, 3.3 in length with caudal. Head 2.6, 3.2 in length with caudal. Eye 4, 1.1 in snout and about equal to inter orbital space. Maxillary reaching to below front border of pupil. Teeth in the outer row in jaws large, pointed, the foremost in the upper jaw still larger and canine-like. Teeth on vomer small, in a band forming a ^. On palatines a narrow band of similar small teeth. Anterior part of head naked. Scales beginning on occiput. About 13 rows of scales to origin of dorsal. Preoperculum with 5 transverse rows of scales, its hind and lower border rather strongly denticulated. Preopercular notch very shallow. The longitudinal rows of scales above lateral line parallel to it, those below the lateral line running parallel to the axis of the body. About 50 transverse rows of scales above and 45 rows below lateral line. Soft parts of vertical fins with a scaly sheath. First dorsal spine half length of second, which is somewhat less than third. Fourth spine longest, equal to postorbital part of head. Following spines gently decreasing in length, the last one however slightly longer than the penultimate. soft dorsal rounded, higher than, or as high as, spinous part. First anal spine less than half length of second, which is longer than third and about equal to postorbital part of head. Soft anal rounded, its rays longer than anal spines. Pectorals longer than, ventrals about as long as head without snout. Caudal truncate.

Remarks: Values in above description denote proportions.

Synonym (s)
Mesoprion Ehrenbergi Peters 1869
Diacope Ehrenbergi Klunzinger 1870
Lutjanus oligolepis Bleeker 1877
Mesoprion Ehrenbergi Peters 1869

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• INDIA (Record: 1936)

Literature Source(s)
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