Anisochaetodon (Lepidochaetodon) kleini   Bloch  1790 (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Size: 125 mm.

Color: In alcohol specimens yellowish or grayish with a brown transverse band from anterior dorsal spine to ventral, posterior part of body, beginning at anal, brownish, at least darker but easily fading in alcohol, the scales may here show a dark (in life red) spot, usually easily fading but sometimes preserved and imitating lines following the series of scales, a blackish ocular band, about as broad as eye from nape to chest, it joins its fellow above and below and reaches to base of ventrals, lips and end of snout dusky, ventrals blackish, soft dorsal and anal with hyaline margin and intra marginal narrow blackish line, caudal dusky with broad pale margin. Young specimens below four cm. length have a nearly complete white-edged brown ocellus in soft dorsal near border between fourth and nineteenth ray, their second dorsal spine is also by far the longest, the following spines decreasing in height posteriorly, this proportion changes gradually with growth.

Compressed, orbicular, dorsal profile more convex than ventral, rostro-dorsal profile steeply convex, slightly concave above eye, height 1.4-1.6, head 3-3.5 in length. Eye 3 to slightly more than 3.5, closer to tip of snout than to opercular border, its lower margin touching horizontal through gape of mouth, about equal to broadly convex inter orbital space, in adult slightly greater than obtuse, bluntly pointed snout, mouth very small, its gape horizontal, jaws equal. Preoperculum entire or scarcely dentate. Scales rounded, in anterior half of trunk rhombic, about twice larger than posteriorly, much smaller on head, chest and median fins, along base of third to about eight dorsal spine very large and rhombic, series below lateral line slightly curved downward, lateral line arched till about below end of spinous dorsal, thence oblique till end of dorsal. Spinous dorsal in young equal to, in adult about four spines longer than soft, spines strong, increasing in height till fifth or sixth, which equal head without snout, the following spines sub equal, soft dorsal a little higher, evenly rounded, anal likewise, its third spine the longest, 1.2-1.3 in head. Pectorals as long as head, ventrals somewhat shorter, not reaching vent, their spine about 1.3 in head. Caudal truncate, least height of its peduncle scarcely more than diameter of eye.

Remarks: Values in above description denote proportions.

Synonym (s)
Chaetodon kleinii Bloch 1790
Chaetodon melastomus Bloch and Schneider 1801
Chaetodon melammystax Bloch and Schneider
Chaetodon kleinii Bloch and Schneider
Chaetodon kleinii Lacepede 1802
Chaetodon virescens Cuvier and Valenciennes 1831
Chaetodon Kleinii Cuvier and Valenciennes
Chaetodon flavescens Bennett 1831
Chaetodon virescens Bleeker 1850
Chaetodon kleinii Bleeker 1852
Chaetodon virescens Peters 1855
Chaetodon kleinii Gunther 1860
Chaetodon melastomus Kaup 1860
Chaetodon virescens Guichenot 1862
Tetragonopterus melastomus Bleeker 1863
Chaetodon kleini Kaup
Chaetodon kleinii Playfair and Gunther 1866
Tetragonopterus kleini Bleeker 1868
Tetragonoptrus kleini Bleeker 1872
Chaetodon kleinii Gunther 1873
Chaetodon kleinii Peters 1876
Chaetodon kleinii Peters
Tetragonoptrus (Lepidochaeton) kleini Bleeker 1877
Chaetodon kleinii Macleay 1882
Chaetodon kleinii Meyer 1885
Chaetodon kleinii Day 1888
Chaetodon (Tetragonoptrus) kleinii Sauvage 1891
Chaetodon kleinii M. Weber 1895
Chaetodon kleini Steindachner 1900
Chaetodon kleini Jordan and Seale 1907
Chaetodon kleinii Kendall and Goldborough 1911
Chaetodon kleinii M. Weber 1913
Chaetodon kleini Gilchrist and Thompson 1917
Chaetodon kleini Ahl 1923
Chaetodon kleini Barnard 1927
Chaetodon kleini Herre and Montalban 1927
Chaetodon kleini Fowler 1928
Chaetodon kleinii Fowler and Bean 1929
Chaetodon kleini Duncker and Mohr 1929
Chaetodon kleini Herre 1931

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• INDIA (Record: 1936)

Literature Source(s)
  • Weber, M; Beaufort, LF (1936) The fishes of the Indo-Australian Archipelago Print times, Pataudi house, Daryaganj, New Delhi 7 607 pp Available at - NIO, Goa
  • Society for the Management of European Biodiversity Data (2009) World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) Available at -

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