Lophocladia trichoclados   (C. Agardh) J. Agardh,  1890 (Algae)
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Class: Florideophyceae

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Plants to 7-10 cm tall, rosy, widely dichotomously branched, slender and soft. The upper portions villous with lax penicillate ramelli about 2 mm long, dichotomous, the angles acute, the cells 2-3 diameters long near the base of the cluster, 6-8 diameters long in the upper divisions. Stichidia single in each tuft, flexuous-distorted, acuminate, with 6-8 spirally placed tetraspores.

Synonym (s)
Griffithsia trichoclados C. Agardh, 1828
(Homotypic synonym)
Lophocladia trichoclados (C. Agardh) F. Schmitz, 1893

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Tamil Nadu, Off Tuticorin INDIA (Record: 12/1958-05/1959) (Depth: 13-16 mts)

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