Acanthurus nigrofuscus   (Forsskal  1775) (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Image copyrights: Murdy, EO/Ferraris, CJ., Jr.

Size: 21.0 cm TL

Color: Brown in color when preserved; with or without fine bluish gray longitudinal lines on body; pale pectoral fins with upper edge narrowly black; pelvic fins brown. Lips blackish brown; median upper teeth tend to be pointed.

Body compressed and deep, its depth 2.0 to 2.3 times in standard length. Mouth small; teeth slender and strongly lobate, 8 on each side on both jaws. Dorsal fin with 9 spines and 24 to 27 soft rays. Anal fin with 3 spines and 22 to 24 soft rays. Caudal fin lunate, the upper lobe longer. Scales rudimentary on head and over nape, becoming ctenoid and in angular rows on body. Lancet-shaped spine on side of caudal peduncle which folds into a deep horizontal groove. Gill rakers on anterior row:20-24; on posterior row:18-23.

Synonym (s)
Acanthurus bipunctatus (non Gunther, 1861)
(Misapplied Name)
Acanthurus elongatus (non Lacepede, 1802)
(Misapplied Name)
Acanthurus flavoguttatus (non Kittlitz, 1834)
(Misapplied Name)
Acanthurus fuliginosus Lesson, 1831
(Ambiguous Synonym)
Acanthurus gahm (non Forsskal, 1775)
(Misapplied Name)
Acanthurus lineolatus Valenciennes, 1835
(Ambiguous Synonym)
Acanthurus marginatus (non Valenciennes, 1835)
(Misapplied Name)
Acanthurus mata (non Cuvier, 1829)
(Misapplied Name)
Acanthurus matoides Valenciennes, 1835
(Junior Synonym)
Acanthurus nigroris (non Valenciennes, 1835)
(Misapplied Name)
Acanthurus rubropunctatus Ruppell, 1829
(Junior Synonym)
Chaetodon nigrofuscus Forsskal, 1775
(Senior Synonym)
Ctenodon rubropunctatus (Ruppell, 1829)
(Junior Synonym)
Hepatus elongatus (non Lacepede, 1802)
(Misapplied Name)
Hepatus fuliginosus (Lesson, 1831)
(Ambiguous Synonym)
Hepatus lineolatus Valenciennes, 1835
(Ambiguous Synonym)
Hepatus lucillae Fowler, 1938
(Junior Synonym)
Teuthis bipunctatus (non Gunther, 1861)
(Misapplied Name)
Teuthis elongatus (non Lacepede, 1802)
(Misapplied Name)
Teuthis lucillae Fowler, 1938
(Junior Synonym)

Common Name (s)
• Pala (Malayalam)
• Neythala (Malayalam)
• Dusky surgeonfish (English)
• Koli (Tamil)
• Suraiya (Marathi)
Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Commercial, Dangers
Causes Ciguatera poisoning)

Habitat:  Reef Associated, Rocky
Trophic Level:  Primary Consumer
Prey:  Filamentous algae


• Tamil Nadu, Chennai Coast INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Gulf of Mannar INDIA
• Kerala, Ponnani Estuary INDIA (Record: 03/1997-02/1999)

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