Dictyopteris membranacea [Status Unaccepted]   (Stackhouse) Batters,  1902 (Algae)
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Class: Phaeophyceae

Image copyrights: Keith Hiscock

Size: Height 10-30 cm.

Color: Yellowish olive-green

Plants large, fastened to the substratum by means of a basal disc. Upper portion irregularly branched dichotomously. Branches strap-shaped, about 1-1.2 cm broad, margins entire but obliquely lacerated in their lower parts, apices tapering slightly. Midrib prominent in the lower portion of the branches, becoming slender towards the apices. Proliferating branches commonly arising from the midrib of the lower portion of branches. Thallus composed of many layers of cells in the midrib region, but two celled thick in the wings. Cells of the midrib region small, thick-walled, quadrate, richly provided with chromatophores. Cells of the wing large, thin-walled, more or less quadrate to rectangular, poor in contents.

Hairs and reproductive bodies occurring on both surfaces of the thallus. Tetrasporangia forming band-like sori close to either side of the midrib. Antheridia and oogonia forming large, loose sori, the latter scattered over the surface of the branches.

Synonym (s)
Neurocarpus membranaceus (Stackhouse) Weber & Mohr, 1805
(Homotypic synonym)
Fucus polypodioides Desfontaines, 1800
Fucus membranaceus Stackhouse, 1795-1801
Haliseris polypodioides (Desf.) C. Agardh, 1821
Fucus ambiguus Clem., 1851
Ulva polypodioides Dec., 1851

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Rocky, Coastal


• Gujarat, Okha Port INDIA

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