Symploca muscorum   (C. Agardh) Gomont,  1890 (Cyanobacteria formerly Blue Green Algae)
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Class: Cyanophyceae

Image copyrights: Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab

Color: Blue-green or blackish green

Thalli fasciculate, mucous, forming a thin prostrate or creeping strata. Filaments flexible, densely crowded, at the base twisted and entangled, in upper portions less twisted somewhat parallel, not branched. Sheath firm, hyaline, or more or less mucous. Trichomes 5-8 µm in diameter, not constricted at cross walls. Cells 5-11 µm in length, apical cell round, without calyptra.

Synonym (s)
Oscillatoria muscorum C. Agardh, 1824

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Coastal



Literature Source(s)
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