Caranx (Caranx) melampygus   Cuvier and Valenciennes  1833 (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Size: 30 cm.

Color: Bluish-green or brown above, lighter below, vertical fins pale at base, their tips black, the anal specially so, paired fins light, the pectorals bright yellow in life. Some of the young show evidences of broad dark cross-bars.

Oblong, compressed, dorsal profile strongly convex, ventral nearly straight. Height 2.5-2.7, head 3.3 in length of body, slightly higher than long or equal to its height, the rostro-frontal line descending nearly straight to bluntly pointed snout. Eye 4 to 5.5 in head, about equal to or 1/3 shorter than interorbital space, much shorter than snout, the maxillary reaching to below anterior half of eye or anterior edge of pupil, praeorbital bone posteriorly in young about twice shorter than diameter of eye, in old about equal to it. Teeth in upper jaw in a villiform band with an outer row of conical enlarged ones, a single series in lower jaw, vomer, palatines and tongue toothed. Breast entirely scaly. Lateral line moderately arched, becoming straight below anterior fifth of soft dorsal or its third rays, curved part somewhat shorter than straight part, which has 36-38 scutes, the most anterior much smaller, the posterior 8 to 9 in height of body. Spinous dorsal much lower than soft dorsal and anal, which are emarginate, the anterior produced lobe acute and about twice lower than body. Pectorals falcate, longer than head, nearly reaching to middle of anal, caudal with acute lobes.

Remarks: Values in above description denote proportions.

Synonym (s)
Caranx melamphygus Barnard 1927
Caranx melampygus Cuvier and Valenciennes 1833
Caranx bixanthopterus Ruppell 1835
Caranx melampygus Bleeker 1854
Caranx melampygus Gunther 1860
Carangus melampygus Bleeker 1865
Caranx melampygus Playfair and Gunther 1866
Caranx bixanthopterus Klunzinger 1871
Caranx melampygus Gunther 1876
Caranx melampygus Day 1888
Caranx moresbyensis Macleay 1882
Caranx (Caranx) melampygus Klunzinger 1884
Caranx latus Jenkins 1904
Caranx latus Snyder
Carangus forsteri Jordan and Evermann 1905
Caranx forsteri Jordan and Seale 1906
Caranx melamphygus Seale 1906
Caranx melampygus M. Weber 1908
Caranx melampygus Kendall and Goldsborough 1911
Caranx melampygus M. Weber 1913
Caranx melamphygus McCulloch 1924
Caranx bixanthopterus Wakiya 1924
Caranx melamphygus Wakiya
Caranx melampygus E. K. Jordan 1925
Caranx ascensionis Fowler 1928
Xurel melampygus Jordan, Evermann and Clark 1930

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Andamans INDIA (Record: 1931)

Literature Source(s)
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