Levringia borgensenii [Spelling Variation]   Kylin  (Algae)
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Class: Phaeophyceae

Size: Length 8-12 inches.

Color: Dark brown or blackish brown.

Thallus elastic, gelatinous, irregularly branched, basal portion forming a minute disc. Branches issuing only from basal portion of the main axis, upper portion poorly branched. Internally the thallus consists of a multiaxial pseudo-parenchymatous construction, being composed of a central medulla and a peripheral cortex. The former built up of unbranched longitudinal filaments, ending upwards and forming long assimilatory hairs at the apex of the plant. Medullary filaments composed of cylindrical to slightly barrel-shaped cells, 15-29 µ long; interlacing hypae arising from the cells of the medullary filaments. Assimilatory hairs long, consisting of barrel-shaped cells, richly provided with chromatophores, intercalary meristem situated at the base of each hair. Short, club-shaped assimilators arising laterally from the bases of the assimilatory hairs constitute the peripheral cortex.

Plurilocular sporangia borne terminally on short, few celled filaments, originating from the bases of the assimilatory filaments of the cortex; sometimes sessile sporangia are also met with. Sporangia oval sub-cylindrical , uniseriate or multiseriate, 75-90 µ long and 20-23 µ broad.

Synonym (s)
Myriogloea sciurus (Harv.) Kuckuck, Boergesen, 1932a

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Rocky, Coastal


• Gujarat, Dwarka INDIA
• Gujarat, Veraval INDIA
• Gujarat, Okha INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Kanniyakumari INDIA

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