Porphyra malvanensis   Anilkumar & P.S.N. Rao  (Algae)
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Class: Rhodophyceae

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Size: Length 0.5–0.8 cm; breadth 0.6–0.9 cm.

Plants orbicular, broadly expanded; margin smooth; monostromatic, 23–27 μm thick in vegetative portions and 32–36 μm thick in reproductive portions; surface mucilage is 11–13 μm thick; vegetative cells in surface view polygonal, 7–9 μm in the greatest dimensions, in cross section 14–16 μm in height and 9–14 μm broad; chromatophore single, with stellate arms extending to the periphery of the cytoplasm; thallus monoecious; carposporangia and spermatia sometimes mixed or in narrow patches, developing on the margins of the mature thallus; carpospores 8, arranged in 2 tiers of 4 each having the spore formula a2/b2/c2, 7–9 μm in diameter; spermatia 64, arranged in 4 tiers of 16 each with the spore formula a4/b4/c4, 4–5 μm in diameter.

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Habitat:  Coastal


• Maharashtra, Malvan INDIA (Record: 03/08/2004)

Literature Source(s)
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