Caranx (Carangoides) malabaricus   Bloch  1801 (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Image copyrights: Randall, J.E.

Size: 36.5 cm.

Color: Dusky above, silvery below, the black opercular spot in a dark surrounding, soft dorsal, anal and caudal with a dark margin, otherwise fins light.

Oblong, height more or less than twice in length, the trenchant nape being elevated, the dorsal profile is strongly convex from tip of snout to caudal peduncle, with a slight concavity before nostrils, ventrals profile less convex from chin to anal. Head short, much higher than long, 3 or more in length, the blunt snout 2.5 or more in head, slightly longer than eye, which is situated above axis of body in the middle of length of head, goes 2.5-4 times in its length and is somewhat shorter than convex interorbital space. Cleft of mouth commences below level of eye. Adipose eyelids feebly developed. Maxillary somewhat surpassing front border of eye, lower jaw prominent, praeorbital a little lower than eye. Breast broadly naked area forming a triangle between hind border of head, base of pectoral and from there in a straight line to ventral or somewhat behind it. Lateral line moderately arched, becoming straight behind middle of soft dorsal, about below fourteenth ray, straight portion twiceshorter than the anterior one, in its posterior four fifths with about 25 weakly armed, small scutes. Teeth in villiform bands on jaws, vomer, palatines and tongue. Gillrakers more or less than 25 on lower part of anterior arch. Second and third dorsal spines the longest, nearly twice shorter than anterior elevated dorsal rays, forming a lobe about 1/4 shorter than head, the soft dorsal otherwise rounded, parallel to contour of body, the soft anal of similar form, its lobe somewhat shorter. Pectorals broadly falcate, longer than head, ventrals small, rounded, caudal with widely spreading acute lobes of equal length.

Remarks: Values in above description denote proportions.

Synonym (s)
Scomber malabaricus Bloch
Caranx caeruleopinnatus Ruppell 1828
Caranx malabaricus Cuvier and Valenciennes 1833
Caranx caeruleopinnatus Ruppell 1835
Caranx malabaricus Bleeker 1845
Caranx malabaricus Cantor 1850
Carangoides talamparah Bleeker 1852
Carangoides talamparoides Bleeker
Carangoides malabaricus Bleeker 1859
Caranx malabaricus Gunther 1860
Caranx talamparoides Gunther
Citula malabarica Bleeker 1865
Caranx malabaricus Playfair and Gunther 1866
Caranx malabaricus Kner 1867
Caranx malabaricus Klunzinger 1871
Citula coeruleopinnata Bleeker 1875
Caranx malabaricus Day 1888
Caranx malabaricus Macleay 1881
Caranx (Carangoides) malabaricus Klunzinger 1884
Caranx impudicus Klunzinger
Carangus malabaricus Jordan and Evermann 1902
Carangoides gibber Fowler 1904
Carangoides malabaricus Fowler 1905
Caranx malabaricus Bean and Weed 1912
Caranx malabaricus M. Weber 1913
Caranx malabaricus McCulloch 1915
Caranx malabaricus Fowler and Bean 1922
Caranx (Citula) malabaricus Wakiya 1924
Caranx (Citula) caeruleopinnatus Wakiya
Caranx malabaricus Vinciguerra 1920
Caranx malabaricus Barnard 1927

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• INDIA (Record: 1931)

Literature Source(s)
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