Ectocarpus filifer [Status Unaccepted]   Borgesen,  1937 (Algae)
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Class: Phaeophyceae

Plants forming low-felted cushions upto 1 mm in height. Basal system consisting of creeping, irregularly ramified sinuate filaments giving rise to simple or little branched, short rhizoids. Cells of the creeping filaments 7-10 µ broad and four to five times as long as broad. Erect filaments long as well as short, being composed of few cells of a single cell, the latter ending in plurilocular sporangia. Cells of the erect filaments rather thick-walled, constricted at the cross-walls, 10-12 µ broad and two to four times long. Filaments unbranched, tapering towards apices; apical cell broadly rounded at the top. Chromatophores several in each cell, small, irregularly shaped or roundish disc-like. Intercalary meristem forming short zone a little above the base of the erect filaments.

Plants bearing only plurilocular sporangia; the later, when produced, now and then, lateral on the longer filament, but terminal on the shorter ones; elongated pyriform to conical in shape, 60-90 µ long and 22-27 µ broad. Sporangia laterally produced on the longer filaments, shorter, sessile or pedicellate.

Epiphytic on Liagora erecta.

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• Tamil Nadu, Mahabalipuram INDIA

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