Ectocarpus battersii [Status Unaccepted]   Bornet ex Sauvageau,  1895 (Algae)
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Class: Phaeophyceae

Size: Height 2-3 mm

Plants forming tufts. Basal system prostrate, one cell thick, sticking to the body of the host; cells short, irregular, 33-100 µ long and 8-9 µ broad, more or less rich in chromatophores. Upright filaments short, normally unbranched, unattenuated, becoming hair-like towards the apices; growth of the filaments by means of a basal meristem. Cells of the filaments 132-150 µ long and 23-30 µ broad, possessing a ring like chromatophore.

Plants bearing only plurilocular sporangia, the latter either terminally placed on one to two celled stalk or directly arising from the cells of the prostrate system; ovoid-oblong with a broad apex, 24-50 µ long and 23-40 µ broad.

Plants are epiphytic on the stem and leaves of Sargassum tenerrium.

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Habitat:  Rocky, Coastal


• Gujarat, Dwarka INDIA

Literature Source(s)
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