Ectocarpus irregularis [Status Unaccepted]   Kutzing,  1845 (Algae)
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Class: Phaeophyceae

Size: Height 4 mm.

Color: Brown

Plants growing as small tufts. Basal system composed of branched rhizoids. Cells of the rhizoids 66-165 µ long and 17-20 µ broad, more or less rich in chromatophores. Erect filaments pseudo-dichotomously to monopodially and irregularly branched. Branches narrowing gradually towards the tips. Cells 66-200 µ long and 17-50 µ broad, cylindrical to slightly barrel shaped, possessing numerous ribbon-shaped chromatophores. Growth of the plant intercalary trichothallic. Intercalary meristem forming several zones, characteristically distributed all along from above the lower to apical portion of the main axis. That of the laterals situated at the bases.

Plants bearing only plurilocular sporangia, the latter mostly arising from the middle of the filaments, either unilaterally in a short row of 2-3 or singly; or opposite superposed, in a row of 2-3 on either side of the axis. Sporangia sessile or shortly stalked; conically elongated or broadly conical on shape, 66-80 µ long and 23-35 µ broad.

Plants epiphytic on the leaves of Sargassum cinereum.
The presence of an intercalary trichothallic growth in form of several intermittent meristematic zones in the main axis has been held a characteristic feature of this species.

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Habitat:  Rocky, Coastal


• Gujarat, Porbandar INDIA
• Maharashtra, Mumbai INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Off Kattapadu-Tiruchchendur Coast INDIA (Record: 12/1986-03/1987)
• Tamil Nadu, Kattapadu-Tiruchchendur INDIA (Record: 12/1986-03/1987)
• Tamil Nadu, Alantalai-Manapad INDIA (Record: 03/1988)
• Tamil Nadu, Vembar-Nallatanni Tivu INDIA (Record: 03/1988)

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