Amallothrix indica   Sewell,  1929 (Copepod)
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Class: Maxillopoda

Size (female): 3.06 mm.

The proportional lengths of the cephalothorax and abdomen are as 5 to 1. The head and 1st thoracic segment are fused and so also are thoracic segments 4 and 5. The forehead is uniformly rounded and terminates below in a rostrum consisting of a papilliform basal portion and a pair of delicate rostral filaments. The posterior thoracic margin is somewhat indented.
The abdomen is short and consists of four segments, of which the 1st is slightly longer than the combined lengths of the 2nd and 3rd, and the 4th is extremely short.
The 1st antenna reaches back to the posterior margin of the 2nd abdominal segment. It consists of 23 separate segments; segment 8 and 9 being completely fused and segments 24 and 25 partially so
The 2nd antenna closely resembles those of other members of the genus. A row of long hairs is present on the 1st basal segment on its inner and posterior aspect. The endopod is more than one and a half times as long as the exopod and there is a small blunt knob-like projection on the outer aspect of the proximal segment.
The maxilla presents certain differences as regards the number of setae arising from the different parts; the outer lobe bears 9 setae; the 2nd inner lobe bears 2 and the 3rd, 3 setae; the basal segment and the 1st and 2nd segments of the endopod appear to be more or less fused and there is no clear line of demarcation between these different parts; the portion of the inner margin corresponding to the 2nd basal segment carries 4 setae, that corresponding to the 2nd segment 2; the 3rd segment, which is clearly separate bears 3 setae. The exopod bears 8 setae.
The maxilliped seems to be considerably shorter and deeper in the antero-posterior direction; there is well-developed brush-like sensory organ on the anterior margin about the middle of the length of the segment.

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Habitat:  Demersal


• INDIA (Record: 23/04/1924)
• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Barren Island INDIA (Record: 04/2006)
• Arabian Sea INDIA
• Southwest Coast INDIA (Record: 17/06/1987-10/07/1987)
• Kerala, Off Kochi (Lat: 10) (Long: 68.05) INDIA (Record: 14/11/1983-17/11/1983)
• Kerala, Off Kochi (Lat: 11.5) (Long: 73.11) INDIA (Record: 14/11/1983-17/11/1983)
• West Coast (Lat: 15) (Long: 69) INDIA (Record: 12/09/1986-26/09/1986)
• West Coast (Lat: 19) (Long: 73) INDIA (Record: 12/09/1986-26/09/1986)

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