Amallothrix valida   (Farran,  1908) (Copepod)
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Class: Maxillopoda

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a. The whole animal from the right side

Size (female): length 2.66 mm.

The proportional length of the cephalothorax and abdomen are as 113 to 28, the abdomen being thus contained 4 times in the length of the anterior region of the body.The rostrum consists of the usual two processes, each process exhibiting a swollen basal portion and a terminal filament that is long and delicate. The abdomen consists of the usual four segments. The furcal rami are about 11/2 times as long as broad. The 1st antenna reaches beyond the posterior thoracic margin by the last two segments. In the 1st swimming leg, the marginal spine on the 1st segment of the exopod reaches well beyond the base of the spine on exopod 2. The 2nd swimming leg appears to resemble the curved spine on exopod 1 being nearly half as long as the 2nd segment of the ramus. The 1st segment of the exopod bears two small spines near the distal margin. The 2nd segment is armed with a curved transverse row of spines of medium size near the distal margin and a patch of minute spines about half-way along its length, while there are a few small spines near the base of the marginal spine; on the anterior aspect is a row of needle-like spines along the extreme distal margin. The 3rd segment bears on its posterior aspect near the origin of the proximal inner seta a patch of minute spines, a curved row of spines of medium size on a level with the base of the 1st marginal spine, a crescentic patch of small spines between the levels of the 1st and 2nd marginal spines and a third patch of small spines on a level with and slightly distal to the base of the 2nd marginal spine. The endopod bears three rows of large spines on the 2nd segment; in the proximal row the outer two spines are much larger than the inner three. In the 3rd swimming leg the 2nd basal segment bears a group of curved spines at its distal external angle. Exopod 1 bears 2 or 3 spines onits posterior aspect near the distal external angle. Exopod 3 bears two rows of curved spines of medium size and near the base of each of the two proximal marginal spines is a patch of minute spines that spreads inwards over the posterior aspect of the ramus. The endopod has two rows of large spines on the 2nd segment and a single row on the 3rd. The 5th leg bears no spinules on its outer aspect.

Synonym (s)
Scolecithrix valida Farran, 1908
Scolecithricella valida A. Scott, 1909
Amallothrix valida Sars, 1925
Scolecithrix valida Farran, 1929

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Kerala, Off Kochi (Lat: 10.43) (Long: 74.54) INDIA (Record: 28/04/1925)

Literature Source(s)
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