Sulculeolaria biloba   (Sars,  1846) (Hydrozoan)
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Class: Hydrozoa

Image copyrights: Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Pacific Region

Polygastric phase: Anterior nectophore: Large 26 mm long; absence of ridges and hydroecium. Somatocyst short, ovoid, with long axis oblique. Dorsal side with a tooth-like projection extending beyond level of ostium. Lateral teeth absent. Mouth plates long, broad, divided without vertical thickend pads. Characteristic pit-like depression at base of somatocyst. Oblique commissural canal exceptionally long joining lateral radial canals at mid-length of nectosac. Reserve bud of both anterior and posterior nectophores present.

Posterior nectophore: 26 mm in length, 6.5 mm in breadth. No dorsal or lateral teeth around ostium. Mouth plate characteristically shaped, consisting of two side pieces distinctly separated in middle by a raised thickened notch.

Stem: Long, bearing numerous cormidia.

Synonym (s)
Diphyes biloba Sars, 1846
Sulculeolaria biloba Daniel, 1974

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Pelagic, Coastal


• Arabian Sea INDIA (Record: 1962-1965)
• Bay of Bengal INDIA (Record: 1962-1965)
• Maharashtra, Mumbai INDIA (Record: 1962-1965)
• Goa INDIA (Record: 1962-1965)
• INDIA (Record: 1962-1965)
• Lakshadweep Sea INDIA
• South West Coast INDIA

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