Anabaena sphaerica   Bornet & Flahault  (Cyanobacteria formerly Blue Green Algae)
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Class: Cyanophyceae

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Size: Trichomes 3-6 μm broad; cells 5-9 μm broad; heterocyst 3-7 μm long.

Color: Thallus blue green

Plant mass floating. Sheaths not distinct around the trichomes, hyaline, soon dissolving in water. Trichomes moniliform, straight, generally agglutinated together in more or less parallel bundles, or somewhat flexuous. Cells depressed spherical, or spherical truncate or barrel shaped, apical cells more or less conical. Cell contents granular, blue-green. Heterocysts nearly spherical. Resting spores 9-14 μm long and 6-10 μm broad, nearly spherical or elliptic, either solitary or contiguous to heterocysts, often in short chain like series with thicker membrane, outer wall smooth when old, slightly brownish yellow.

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• Tamil Nadu, Pudukottai, Kattumavadi INDIA
• Maharashtra, Nalasopara Saltpans INDIA (Record: 10/2002-12/2002)
• Tamil Nadu, Pudukottai, Manamelkudi INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Pudukottai, Prathaparamanpattinam INDIA

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