Nereis (Ceratonereis) mirabilis   Kinberg  (Marine Worm)
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Class: Polychaeta

Size: Length 30-40 x 2 mm.

Color: Semi transparent in life; white with rounded black dots.

Prostomium deeply cleft between the tentacles. Palps elongated. Tentacular cirri and dorsal cirri very long. Paragnaths missing on the oral ring. Dorsal ramus with two long, slender, sub-equal ligules. Posterior feet little modified. Spinigerous setae homogomph and heterogomph. Falcigerous setae heterogomph, with long, straight, ciliated terminal piece, becoming shorter and more sickle-like in the posterior feet. Dorsal homogomph falcigerous bristles in the posterior feet.

Synonym (s)
Ceratonereis mirabilis Kinberg 1865
Ceratonereis tentaculata Kinberg, Augener 1913

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Reef Associated, Coastal


• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Andaman Islands INDIA (Record: 1953, 1971)
• Tamil Nadu, Gulf of Mannar INDIA (Record: 1953)
• Tamil Nadu, Krusadai Island INDIA (Record: 1953, 1971)
• Tamil Nadu, Pamban INDIA (Record: 1953, 1971)
• Tamil Nadu, Kilakarai INDIA (Record: 1953, 1971)
• Red Sea (Record: 1953, 1971)
• Persian Gulf (Record: 1953, 1971)
• Maharashtra, Gholvad INDIA (Record: 1971)
• Maharashtra, Arnala INDIA (Record: 1971)
• Maharashtra, Mumbai INDIA (Record: 1971)
• Maharashtra, Ratnagiri INDIA (Record: 1971)
• Maharashtra, Malvan INDIA (Record: 1971)
• Goa, Miramar INDIA (Record: 1971)
• Goa, Marmagao INDIA (Record: 1971)
• Tamil Nadu, Shingle Island INDIA (Record: 1971)
• Maharashtra INDIA (Record: 1971)
• Goa INDIA (Record: 1971)
• Maharashtra, Malvan (Lat: 16.08) (Long: 73.05) INDIA (Record: 1981)

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