Pseudanthias marcia   Randall & Hoover,  1993 (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Image copyrights: Randall, JE

Size: Male-102 mm TL; female-101 mm TL.

Color (male): Body pinkish-violet with a violet streak from upper jaw extending below eye to pectoral fin origin; lower part of head yellow. A yellow patch with two trailing lines extending to caudal seen below soft dorsal. Scale centres on lower half of body yellow and beyond; scale centres on anterior part of body magenta. Area below the head and abdomen yellowish. Dorsal, pectoral and anal fin pinkish with the interdorsal membrane light pink. Outer tip of soft dorsal filaments (11th -13th )longer and dark pink in color; pelvic whitish. Caudal peduncle pinkish on the dorsal part, ventral part magenta in color. Outer margin of caudal reddish with the are broader on the lower rounded part.
Color (female): Body and fins orange red in color, with a distinct violet streak from lower part of eye to base of pectoral fin; edges of scales of the body magenta with their centres yellow; outer tip of the inter dorsal fin membrane deep pink; lower part of the operculum light yellow in color. Caudal fin deeply emarginated with tips bright red.

Small, deep bodied fish with single continuous dorsal fin; soft dorsal base less than the longest soft dorsal ray. Body moderately deep, fusiform, male body depth 2.7 times in standard length (SL); female body depth 3.1 times in SL; head depth 2.3 times in SL; sub orbital 16.2 times in HL, post orbital 1.8 times in HL; eye diameter 4.4 in HL, inteorbital distance 3.8 in HL, strongly convex; slightly concavity above eye upto origin of first dorsal fin.
Mouth terminal, moderately large, oblique, upper jaw ending to below beyond middle of eye, length 2.6 in head length (HL), lower jaw 3.4 in HL, slightly longer than upper jaw, supra maxilla absent. Preopercle serrated, opercle with three flat spines with the middle one largest. Gill rakers long, 29 on lower and 12 on upper linb. A pair of well separated, prominent, slightly curved caniniform teeth present in the front of the upper jaw, projecting out of the mouth in front of the lower jaw in closed conditions, head scaled. Tongue triangular and sharply pointed. Two nostrils present in front of eye. Head and body with ctenoid scales except for an area aound lips. Scales absent on the basal areas of dorsal and anal spines; scales present below the inter-membrane areas of the soft dorsal and on caudal fin base and pectoral fin base. Lateral line origin from behind opercle rising to below the base of fifth dorsal spine, the line more curved in female. Lateral line with 48 pored scales; 6 scale rows above lateral line and 18 below; scales around caudal peduncle 17.
Dorsal fin origin slightly in front of the free end of the opercle, spines progressively longer, the first 3.8 in HL, the tenth 2.4 in HL, first dorsal ray 1.9 in HL in males and 2.7 in females. Caudal fin deeply emarginated in females, caudal peduncle deep contained 2.6 times in body depth (BD). The upper end of caudal fin highly elongated and filamentous in male. Pelvic fin thoracic, its length 0.8 times in HL in males and 1.4 times in HL in females.

Synonym (s)

Common Name (s)
• Marcia's anthias (English)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Reef Associated


• Kerala, Munambam (Lat: 8.91) (Long: 76.0) INDIA (Record: 00/06/2008)
• Off Rahah Bay (Lat: 16.95) (Long: 54.82) OMAN (Record: 1993)
• Kerala, Kollam (Lat: 10.15) (Long: 76.51) INDIA (Record: 00/06/2008)

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