Murex malabaricus   E. A. Smith  1894 (Sea Snail)
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Class: Gastropoda

Size: Length 29.70-113.83 mm; diameter 13.28-45.61 mm; length of aperture 7.25-23.24 mm; length of spire 9.72-38.40 mm; length of the canal 12.86-52.85 mm.

Color: Shell light brown with dark transverse bands, one on shoulder, one at the middle and other at the lower part of body whorl, crest of spiral bands dark brown in color. Aperture white with light pinkish color inside.

Shell spindle shaped, moderately large. Protoconch of 2½ whorls, smooth, sides rounded, suture deep, spire elevated, acute, consisting of eight whorls, suture deep, body whorl large, rounded. Aperture ovate, anal sulcus absent, outer lip erect, crenulate and interior slightly lirate, inner lip adherent slightly towards posterior end, detached and erect anteriorly. In young shells three to four elongated denticles present towards anterior margin, absent in the adult forms. Siphonal canal elongated, narrowly open, distally recurved upwards. Body whorl with three varices. Axial sculpture with three to six low ridges, nodulose. Spiral sculpture consists of primary cords twenty two in number interspersed with secondary cords, each secondary cord bounded by a tertiary cord. On siphonal canal each primary cord flanked by two secondary cords. Primary cords give rise to short, open, recurved spines at the intersection with the varix. Shoulder spine largest; spines connected by web; canal bears three to four short, straight open spines with alternate shorter spines. In young shells only two to three short spines present.

Synonym (s)
Murex malabaricus Smith, 1894
Murex malabaricus Smith, 1897-98
Murex malabaricus Melvill and Standen, 1901
Murex malabaricus Melvill, 1928
Murex serratospinosus Radwin and D'Attilio, 1976
Murex mindanoensis Abbott and Dance, 1982
Haustellum malabaricus Ponder and Vokes, 1988

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Reef Associated


• Karnataka, Netrani Island (Lat: 14.01) (Long: 74.33) INDIA (Record: 08/05/2006) (Depth: -12 mts)
• West Coast, Off Malabar INDIA (Record: 1993)
• Karnataka, Off Mangalore INDIA (Record: 1993) (Depth: -48 mts)
• Arabian Sea INDIA (Record: 1993)
• Bay of Bengal INDIA (Record: 1993) (Depth: -119 mts)
• Gujarat INDIA (Record: 1993)
• Maharashtra, Off Jaigarh INDIA (Record: 1993)
• Kerala INDIA (Record: 1993)
• Karnataka, Mangalore INDIA (Record: 1993)
• Bay of Bengal INDIA (Record: 1993)
• PAKISTAN (Record: 1993)

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