Sacura boulengeri   (Heemstra,  1973) (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Image copyrights: Thomas, S.

Size: Male-134.73 mm SL; female-103.82 mm SL.

Color (male): The fresh specimen of male body is yellowish brown with four prominent irregular lavender pink stripes. The head also has several lavender blotches with the orbit encircled with lavender except for the anterior portion. Lower jaw, thorax and abdomen are also lavender in color. Base of dorsal fin and prolonged fin rays lavender. Pennant at tip of 3rd dorsal spine black. Distal parts of dorsal fin dusky yellow. Anal fin flesh pink to lavender. Caudal fin flesh pink with yellow distal margins. Pectoral fins orange to flesh pink. Pelvic fins bright yellow. Inner ring of iris yellow and outer ring violet to pink.

Color (female): The female specimen had olive brown body with pale white abdomen suffused with light orange. Horizontal bands on body were pinkish orange. Lower jaw and margin of upper jaw reddish orange. Base of dorsal fin and tips of spines pinkish orange, distal margin greenish yellow. Dorsal soft rays yellowish orange. Anal and pelvic fins dusky yellow with orangish markings on the distal borders. Pelvic fin reddish orange with tint of yellow. Caudal fin pinkish orange with distal marin of dusky yellow. Iris rimmed with reddish orange.

Head large, third anal fin prolonged, no scales on lower jaw. Dorsal fin rays 14; gill rakers (12) + (27). Dorsal spines 10, fin rays 14, pectoral soft rays 17, pelvic spine 1, soft rays 5, anal spines 3, soft rays 7. Margin of spinous portion not notched before soft ray portion in dorsal fin. Thir dorsal spine prolonged, 3.4-3.6 times length of 4th dorsal spine in males and 3 times in female; 4th-10th spines subequal , 3rd-4th soft dorsal rays prolonged, 48.4% in female and 50-52.5% of SL in males; reaches well beyond caudal fin base. Anal fin pointed anteriorly , 3rd ray characteristically prolonged. Caudal fin lobes also prolonged, upper lobe more than lower.
Body oval, 39-41.8% SL and moderately compressed. Head large, 2.4-2.5 in SL. Preorbital region, lower jaw and ascending processes of premaxillae naked, rest of head scaly. Eye diameter 3.6-3.8 in HL. Interorbital distance 4.5-4.8 in HL, width narrower than orbit. Upper jaw length 2.4-2.5 in HL, lesser than postorbital distance. Preopercle with three flat spines, ege of interopercles largely smooth. Anterior naris small and tubular, posterior naris tear drop shaped, 6-7 times of former. Two rows of sharp fine canines on upper jaw, outer larger and fixed, inner minute and depressible. 2-3 stout canines on anterior premaxilla. Median diastema with single large stout curved canine. Lower jaw with 2-3 stout canines on either sides of median diastema on outer edge of band of small sharp canines. Vomerine teeth in triangular patch, small stout and conical. Palatines with a curved band of small blunt canines. The gill rakers in the upper limb of the first arch numbered 12 and in the lower limb 27 respectively in the male and female.

Synonym (s)
Anthias formosus Boulenger, 1889
Anthias boulengeri Heemstra, 1973
Sacura boulengeri Heemstra & Randall, 1979

Common Name (s)
• Boulenger's Anthias (English)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Demersal


• Karnataka, Mangalore INDIA (Record: 2005, 2006)
• Kerala, Neendakara INDIA (Record: 2005, 2006)
• Off Muscat OMAN (Record: 1979, 1995)
• Western Indian Ocean (Record: 2007)
• Off Sind PAKISTAN (Record: 2004)

Literature Source(s)
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