Acarnus thielei   Levi,  1958 (Sponge)
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Class: Demospongiae

Size: Diameter of the main fiber comes to about 0.12 mm. and that of the connectives nearly 0.05 mm.

Color: orange, grey (in 60% alcohol)

The surface is highly hispid and this hispidity is due to the presence of cladotylotes projecting out from the interior. Consistency, rough and friable. Oscules and pores, not present. The main skeleton is a typical reticulation of well developed fibers cored by main styles and echinated by cladotylotes set at an angle to the fibre. Spongin is pale yellow in colour, and in some parts the amount deposited is quite large. The main fibres are connected together by secondaries (connectives) in an irregular scalariform pattern. In these connectives usually the number of coring spicules is less (2 to 4) than in the main fibres. Coating of spongin usually very thick in connectives. Spicules straight or slightly curved, sharply and gradually pointed. Swellings are rarely present on the shaft. No trace of head is seen. Tylotes Slender, straight or slightly curved. Head conspicuous and with 2 to 5 spines. Two distinct types of Toxas are present, (a) Small and thick, (b) Long and slender. Smaller forms with a rounded curve in the middle portion, tips curved slightly towards the outer part; often with a swelling in the central part. Long slender have the arms nearly straight with their tips curving slightly outwards. Isochelas Minute.

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Habitat:  Coastal


• Tamil Nadu, Gulf of Mannar INDIA
• Palk Bay INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Rameswaram, Thangachimadam INDIA

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